Easy to understand for both, a pupil and a professor

Algirdas Kaušpėdas, Architect, Leader of Music Group “Antis”
The issue of solidarity and unity is rather complicated. People are united during époques of totalitarian regimes because they are united, for example, by some idea of Stalin. In a democratic state people must have different opinions and such different opinions must be respected. What happened in Lithuania 20 years ago was solidarity, however it cannot be compared with the present day Lithuania with numerous opinions and all of them right.

When it comes to solidarity, if an individual considers himself a Lithuanian – a member of our nation – this is what unites us all. The idea of the Nation’s State idea unites and can unite people.

I am very positive about the Project planned by Tadas Gutauskas, because of its simplicity and significance. The project is clear to both, pupil and professor. And what is more – everyone is able to contribute to it – to add his brick to that wall.

And speaking about solidarity, I think, that people who say that we are not united, are nostalgic about the soviet times. We have to be different and preserve the support of solidarity of being different to protect the Democratic State and its Constitution.