Need for civic consciousness

Valdemaras Vaičekauskas, Hortus Investment Banking Board Chairman
In my opinion, Lithuanians are really united because they deserve their own State which they restored and protected 20 years ago. And they are also united because of the choice of the fundamental principles on the basis of which that State is meant to exist – freedom, democracy and market economy. But there is one thing – one State does not yet guarantee a fostering society – the latter is created through the work of its citizens.
Lithuanians tend to unite only when they are exposed to external threat, however now there is a need for solidarity in social arrangements creating a safe and prosperous life –this is what we are learning to do at present.

In addition to being a symbol of the free nation, the “The Road of Freedom” is also an example of a unifying initiative looking to create our future, civic society on our own. To this end we need civic consciousness and initiative, rather than being passive and waiting for somebody else – for example, the government – to decide on everything for us. It is not very important whether we are a large or a small nation. It is all about how we see and understand ourselves – our future depends on that.

My family foundation supports social civic education initiatives therefore we were sponsors of Tadas Gutauskas sculpture “The Tree of Unity” and have contributed to the creation of “The Road of Freedom”.