Support for “The road of freedom” – from Dubai to Atlanta

Vilnius, 5 May 2010. The Project of the sculpture “The Road of Freedom” introduced in Vilnius a week ago to commemorate the twenty years of restoration of the statehood of Lithuania attracted sponsors from all over the world. Residents from countries as far away as the United Arab Emirates and USA have already contributed to the creation of the symbol of the freedom and solidarity of Lithuania.

“Three-colour bricks which will be built into the “The Road of Freedom: can be purchased over the internet not only by Lithuanians and residents of Lithuania. People from Dubai (the United Arab Emirates), Austin (Texas, USA) and Atlanta (Georgia, USA) and many other places of the world have also expressed their wish to contribute to the creation of this sculpture. The names of all of them will be perpetuated in “The Road of Freedom”, – says the author of the idea, sculptor Tadas Gutauskas.

The sculpture “The Road of Freedom” is the commemoration of the fight for independence and the symbol of freedom and solidarity for the next generations. According to T. Gutauskas is a reminder not to forget the ideas of solidarity that helped Lithuania to gain its freedom two decades ago. The sculpture will be erected in a section of the legendary “Baltic Way” in Vilnius.

This sculpture, like “The Baltic Way” which 21 years ago was created by all united Lithuanians, is also a collective work – the name and forename of each individual or the names of families supporting the Project will be stamped on the bricks from which the sculpture symbolising the live chain of people will be built. The bricks can be acquired on the internet website of the Project: .

In addition to Lithuanian residents, people from USA, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland and Norway, mostly Lithuanians, have already contributed to this civic project.

“This obviously shows that the spirit of solidarity of the nation is alive and is not threatened by distance”, – says T. Gutauskas.

Upon approval of Vilnius City Urban Development Department the sculpture will be erected at the crossroad of Konstitucijos Avenue and Geležinio vilko Street near the traffic circle. On 20 January 2010 by decision of the Government the Project “The Road of Freedom” was included in the plan of events to commemorate the restoration of the statehood of Lithuania eligible for financing and patronage for the Project was provided by the Lithuanian National Commission for UNESCO.

The opening of “The Road of Freedom” is planned for 23 August on the occasion of the 21st anniversary of “The Baltic Way”. The sculpture “The Road of Freedom” will be 60 metres long and will consist of up to 20 000 bricks.

About the Author


Born in 1970, in Vilnius. A graduate of M.K. Čiurlionis Art School and Vilnius Art Academy. Studied at Salzburg Summer Academy in Austria, Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm and the College of Art and Crafts of Iceland in Reykjavik.

The sculptor has created a great number of sculptures in Lithuania and abroad. The most outstanding works in Lithuania – the symbol of solidarity of the Lithuanians of the world – the sculpture “The Tree of Unity” in Vingis Park , Vilnius and the sculpture for Lithuanian Basketball near Siemens Arena in Vilnius.

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