We are like teenagers

Andrius Mamontovas, Singer
Unfortunately, today there is no solidarity or targeted movement in any direction in Lithuania. There are many opinions. On the other hand it is natural, because our Independence is only 20 years old, which means that we are all still in the early stages of development and our state is not yet completely developed. We are looking for directions on where to go. Just like teenagers wandering in search for their place in life.

Some time ago the enemy of Lithuania – the occupant was outside its boundaries and this was the main thing uniting everybody. Common human values are the same everywhere but I cannot mention one thing which might be uniting people at present. Some time must pass until such thing appears. Now people are “united” by dissatisfaction and irritation. We are distinguished by these things. The way out – each of us should behave in the manner he or she expects from the people around us.

I was very fond of “The Tree of Unity” – the previous project of Tadas Gutauskas. It is a beautiful work in all senses of the word – in terms of the idea and visually. That’s why I support this new project. He has already shown what he can do.